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All Saints Graveyard Records

The table below shows the list of people with a surname beginning with A, who were buried in All Saints Graveyard up to Jan 2000.   If you click of the alphabet below it will take you to the surnames beginning with that letter.

I have taken photographs of some the stones that are starting to wear away and they can be seen in the column headed Photo.  A copy of the name in the Burial Book can be seen in the column headed Book. (These pages are still being completed so please check back regularly.)

* denotes burials where the name is not recorded on the stone, but is in the church records, or vice versa.


A     B    C    D    E          H       J       L    M    N       P    Q    R    S               Y    

Last Name First Name Funeral Date Age Plot Photo Book
ABERNATHY SARAH ANN 18.08.1969 55 D44    
ADDISON JOSEPH 11.07.1949 44 A72 *   BBPage44.jpg (326624 bytes)
ADDYMAN WILLIAM MILLS 18.01.1957 46 C14    
ALLEN JANE 06.12.1896 28 C35  

BBPage10.jpg (379980 bytes)

ANDERTON ALICE 12.04.1952 66 C27   BBPage49.jpg (403669 bytes)
ANDERTON JOHN 24.12.64 70 A30    
ANDERTON SAMUEL 16.01.1935 47 C27   BBPage30.jpg (336971 bytes)
ANDERTON JAMES 3.01.1934 76 A30   X
ANDERTON MARY ELIZABETH 12.06.1931 74 A30   BBPage28.jpg (316687 bytes)
ANDERTON JOHN 23.03.1912 80 A30  

BBPage17.jpg (394445 bytes)

ARMSTRONG CHARLES EDWARD 12.04.1969 72 D27    
ASHCROFT STEPHEN 11.09.1912 72 A21 *  

BBPage17.jpg (394445 bytes)

ASHCROFT ELIZABETH 30.06.20 80 A21 *   BBPage21.jpg (401044 bytes)
ATHERTON DOUGLAS HAROLD 24.10.1924 63 E57 GraveAtherton.jpg (36470 bytes) BBPage24.jpg (309012 bytes)
ATKIN JUNE AUDREY 28.12.1943 1 A72 *   BBPage36.jpg (314351 bytes)