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Photographs - Other People


These photos either show a community group or people in a place of interest. If you click on a photograph, you can see an bigger version but it will probably take some time to download.  If you can fill in any of the missing information or dates, please let me know through the Guestbook.  My thanks to Rob Dobie and his Mum Doris for sending in a lot of these photos and bringing the Speke Community to life.


1    BillJohnsonJackRogers.jpg (278926 bytes)   2     CarmenMiranda181.jpg (751382 bytes)   3    CharlieChristian.jpg (315001 bytes)   4    Dewdropband.jpg (1167781 bytes)

1  - Bill Johnson, Grandad of Rob Dobie, and Jack Rogers with the team from one of Critchley's farms, outside the cottages in Old Hutte Lane.


2 - Carmen Miranda......  or is it Johnny Quick?


3 - Charlie Christian used to sell groceries from the back of his van in Western Ave

4 - Dew Drop Band 


   5  DewdropBand2.jpg (1300875 bytes)    6  DorisJohnsonLegionQueen1950.jpg (689561 bytes)   7  EdnaRobert.jpg (305173 bytes)  8  EdnaStanRonnie.jpg (174185 bytes)



5 - Dew Drop Band


6 - Doris Johnson Legion Queen 1950


7 - Doris and Robert Dobie in front of the prefabs on Dymchurch.


8 - Doris's sister Edna with hubby Stan and son Ronnie on the playing fields behind the prefabs


9   LegionChristmas Party.jpg (1241059 bytes)  10   LegionConcert Party.jpg (691120 bytes)   11   LegionDartsTeam1.jpg (458986 bytes)  12  LegionDartsTeam2.jpg (850284 bytes)

9 - Legion Christmas Party. Thanks to Tony Williams we now know that the gentleman on the front row, 3rd from left is Howard Haddleton, who was a manager in the Dunlop Sports Dept.

10 - Legion Concert Party


11 - Legion Darts Team


12 - Legion Darts Team with awards


13   LegionMembers.jpg (1122417 bytes)   14   LegionQueen1950.jpg (754624 bytes)   15   LinnerRoadCoronationParade.jpg (917754 bytes)      16    McNamaras Band189.jpg (159145 bytes)




13 - Legion Members


14 - Legion Rose Queen 1950, Doris Johnson


15 - Middle Linner Road Coronation Parade.  The banner is being carried by Raymond Dobie and Kenny Johnson. Kenny is a well known country singer and hosts Radio Merseyside's country programme.

16 - Legion McNamara's Band with Beryl Hughes as the Rose Queen.  Bob Dobie is wearing a Tam O'Shanter with Lol and Raymond to his left.



17     OgletLaneBritishLegion.jpg (41229 bytes)    18    PattiShirleyShepherd.jpg (163060 bytes)    19    SpekeAeroclubAvroTutor.jpg (56990 bytes)    20    SpekeARP.jpg (323057 bytes)   

17 - British Legion in Oglet Lane

18 - Patti and Shirley Shepherd outside their prefab with their lovely dog

19- Speke Aero Club Avro Tutor 

20 - Speke Arp

 21   SpekeLegionFC1967.jpg (314367 bytes)     22    SpekeRoseQueens.jpg (248423 bytes)    23    Symo.jpg (596779 bytes)    24   SpannShow60.jpg (375037 bytes)    


21 - Legion Football Team 1967

22 - Speke Rose Queen. 

Beryl D'Arcy has been in touch to tell us that the Queen here was Brenda Cummings.  Beryl and Miriam were the flowers girls; Beryl is on the front row on the right hand side, sitting next to the girl with the trumpet!

23 - Billy Symonds who used to live at North Lodge, Speke Hall.  He is sadly missed.

24 - Jennifer Spann sent this in showing a group from Mrs Stannard's class on a visit to the Liverpool Show in 1960 with the school secretary. The girls at the back are Lena Beckett, Jennifer Jacques and Gillian Staniford.  In the middle of the second row is Barbara, and the middle of the front row is Joyce Todd.

25   SpannStocko55.jpg (409510 bytes)   26   RoseQueenBrooks1.jpg (440480 bytes)   27   RoseQueenBrooks2.jpg (445329 bytes)   28   SweeneyKit.jpg (292413 bytes)

25 - Jennifer also gave me this newspaper cutting form 1955 showing Miss Thomas retiring from Stocktonwood.

26 - Rose Queen Linda Brooks with Bessie Braddock. Back row from the left is Karen Bennett, Joan Humphries, unknown, Linda Brooks, Bessie Braddock unknown Christine Algers, unknown.

27 - As above

28 - Thanks to Brenda Sweeney for this photo of her husband Kit in a local football team.  It looks be taken outside St Christopher's. Ian Mowat has given us some of the names:

Top Row: Teacher, Lloyd,  Ken Healey, Graham Morrisey, Kit sweeney, Robert Titchen

Middle Row: Robert Mills, Kenny roe, ??? Quarless, Alan Nash, Teacher Mr Williams

Front Row: Mike Smallshaw, Jimmy Webb, ??? Head Teacher Harry Neal, Phil Barwell, Frank Melarangi, Billy Humphries

Sitting: Phil Dooley, ???


29 - CoronationOuting1.jpg (350440 bytes)   30   CoronationOuting2.jpg (307491 bytes)     


29 - Coronation Outing from part of All Saints Road, probably from Tewit Hall Road to the garages.  Thanks to Ann Wilkinson for these.

30 - As above.  Some names you may recognize are Betty Wilkinson, Mr & Mrs Davies, Mrs Wall, Mrs Rice, Norman Hanky, Pat holding the baby, and Elaine Josse who also sent me a copy of this photo.

31   RoseQueenJosse1.jpg (523412 bytes)   32   RoseQueenJosse2.jpg (592802 bytes)   33   RoseQueenJosse3.jpg (318337 bytes)

31 to 33 -  Elaine Smith nee Josse sent me these Rose Queen photos of Beryl Ruth Josse.

34   RoseQueenHarvey.jpg (446961 bytes)   35   VEParty45.jpg (208679 bytes)      36   RoseQueen45.jpg (199188 bytes)


These two photos are taken from the Speke Messenger for June 1945.


34 - The Rose Queen here is Kathleen Harvey taking the crown from Edna Fraser with the Deputy Lord and Lady Mayoress.


35 - There's nothing to tell me where this was taken but it is a Victory party. I suspect it's Blacklock Hall or Greyhound Farm Road. 


In February (2010) Kathy Ball got in touch with me regarding this photos and has filled in some names for us.

Hi Lynne, Re Photographs-Other people. No 35 was taken at the lower end of Greyhound Farm Rd. Right hand side. Child with back of head showing then the boy behind him is Tommy Mottram. Behind him Elsie Guy. The girl with the paper hat looks like Brenda Tinman and I am sitting behind her. My mother Nina Williams is behind me. I am enjoying looking at the recent photos of Speke and Hale.I really appreciate all the hard work you have put into this web site. It has given me and a lot of other old Speke friends around the world a lot ofpleasure. Best wishes Kathy Ball ( nee Williams)

36 - Thanks to Laurie Morgan for the photo of Daisy Grice who was crowned Speke Rose Queen 1945-46 by the Lady Mayoress of Liverpool at Stocktonwood Road School, the Crown having been handed over from Kathleen Harvey.

37   Dance7.jpg (81435 bytes)  38  DanceGroup.jpg (85322 bytes)   39   DanceLeighs.jpg (82800 bytes)   40   MonWalkerLeigh.jpg (91879 bytes)


37 - Front row: Hazel Gerrard, Debra Rodriguez, Karen Leigh, daughter of Miss Gloria

38 - Some of the names Miss Gloria recalls: Carol Amadi, Julie, Debbie and Marie Rodriguez, Shirley and Joanne Bache, Eleanor and Jackie Williams, Susan Corrie, Karen Leigh, Linda Walker, Valerie (poss Jones)

39 - Karen and Stuart Leigh

40 -  Lynne M, Linda M Walker, Karen A Leigh Approx 1973

41   ScullinWilliams.jpg (81365 bytes)   42  AdamsWilliamsBoche.jpg (78448 bytes)   43   RoseQueenBrooks.jpg (59114 bytes)   44   RoseQueenBrooks1.jpg (440480 bytes)

41 - Winifred Scullin and Jacqueline Williams

42 - Miss Gloria's Dance Class met in All Saints Church Hall in the 70's and 80's and she has kindly donated these photos: Carol Amadi, Jacqueline Williams, Shirley Bache

43 - Rose Queen Linda Brooks

44 - Rose Queen

45   PaulArgent.jpg (751855 bytes)    

45 - This is a piece taken from the local newspaper advertising the Speke Together Carnival which was organised by the Team Vicar of Speke, Michael Rooke.  This piece shows local boy Paul Argent who was working for Lockheeds in Speke at the time.




46   JessieMavisDancers.jpg (4171034 bytes)   47   Mowat1.jpg (306918 bytes)   48   Mowat2.jpg (228886 bytes)   49   ParrotLady.jpg (2685684 bytes)


46 - Jessie Mavis Dancing Class form Joan Broley

A regular contributor to this site, Ian mowat gave me these photos of him and his mates at Speke Hall.  I've included them to show how cool teenagers were those days.... and secondly because there's a nice dog, Prince in the photo!

47 - Mick Millea, John McCartney and Colin Leadbetter - Speke Hall is exactly the same but I can't say the same for the lads...!

48 - Colin, Mick and Ian with Prince.

49 - I can't remember who this is and there's nothing on the photo so if you know, please use the keep in touch button to let me know.  I suspect this lady lived at Old Hutte but I might be way off the mark.


50  Queen Mother.jpg (35617 bytes)  


50 - The Queen Mother on a visit to Speke


That's all for now but please check back soon! Please let me know if I haven't acknowledge any of your contributions.