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1 & 2- These are two of the windows in St Aidan's which are very high up and awkward to photograph so I took these from the Organ Loft


3 - The Lectern is dressed for Easter


4 - The Cross above the Altar


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5 - These beautifully painted sails were given to St Aidan's and are hung around the Font


6 & 7 - The explanations of the artist's work


8 - The Font were I was Baptised!


9    Notelet4.jpg (206653 bytes)    


9 - When funds were being raised for All Saints new roof in the 1970's a set of notelets was produced for sale and included this one of St Aidan's, which is a beautiful reproduction.


10    P1010099.jpg (103541 bytes)    11    St A Engrave2.jpg (52982 bytes)    12    P1010092.jpg (123849 bytes)    13    Saint 4.jpg (54363 bytes)


10 to 13 - When St Aidan's was refurbished in the 1980's, these stunning glass screens were installed below the organ loft to separate the area at the back of the Church for meetings and social occasions.  It is very hard to capture their beauty on camera but I hope these give you some idea of how lovely they are.  You could always visit them on a Sunday morning...!  They show St Aidan, St Bede, St Cuthbert and St Oswald who are all Celtic Saints.  St Aidan is holding a shepherd's crook with a stag in the handle; Bede is holding a pen and book; Cuthbert is holding a cross and an eagle is resting on his arm and Oswald is holding a sword between his praying hands.


A lot of the things you can see in the photos above have been found loving new homes and created bonds with those Churches who are keeping the physical parts of St Aidan's alive and useful.  Obviously where possible, many items have also been kept for the day St Aidan's opens it's new home in Eastern Avenue.



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14 to 17 - I took these photos just after the snowfall we had in January 2010.  



We Have Moved!!!  St Aidan's opened their new Cafe Church, The Place To Be in 10 Eastern Avenue on 2nd October 2010.  A good crowd of church members and local people came to celebrate with us but we did have a bit of trouble fitting them all in!



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