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Photographs - Local


These photographs are some of the ones Alan and I take for ourselves when we're out and about with the dogs near to home, but outside Speke. I thought that those of you who live further away might appreciate a look.


They are not professional photographs - some of them are taken on my camera phone - but hopefully they will show you some of the changes that are happening or bring back some happy memories.



 100_0389.JPG (1040816 bytes)   100_0383.JPG (1267376 bytes)        Copy of DSC07377.JPG (213303 bytes)   


The Bryant & May Matchworks in Garston is no longer running, but the building was lovingly given a facelift in recent years and is home to many different organisations now. In 2008 before the launch of the SuperLambananas across Liverpool, they were brought here to be mounted on plinths and stored in the new Matchbox Office block.  After the summer the SuperLambananas were auctioned off or given to charities and are now seen all over Liverpool.  This one is in Belle Vale Shopping Centre.




DSC07519.JPG (81080 bytes)   DSC07101.JPG (86841 bytes)    DSC07537.JPG (93783 bytes)   IMG_0465.JPG (967791 bytes)   AlsSunset.JPG (1246524 bytes)


Copy of IMG_0498.JPG (25840 bytes)   Copy of IMG_0497.JPG (43430 bytes)   


We often walk our dogs in Hale and in the winter we see some beautiful sunsets. The last one was taken by Alan near the lighthouse and was used on the Granada Weather bulletins. (We've got loads of these but I've tried to keep the numbers down!) As you can tell, we walk under the flight path!  




IMG_1320.JPG (1303387 bytes)   IMG_1321.JPG (1788578 bytes)   IMG_1326.JPG (1527407 bytes)   



DSC07836.JPG (328529 bytes)      IMG0265.JPG (227431 bytes)      IMG0266.JPG (325566 bytes)     DSC07061.JPG (257567 bytes)    DSC07380.JPG (377616 bytes)   


Hale is still a beautiful village although it has expanded quite a bit over the years with new housing.  The middle still retains it's olde worlde charm though.   At the moment (August 2009) the fields are full of carrots, potatoes and wheat all about to be 'safely gathered in' but there are sometimes onions, rape seed and other vegetables.




IMG_0482.JPG (1230359 bytes)    Copy of DSC07069.JPG (281640 bytes)   Copy of DSC07070.JPG (355401 bytes)      


This sign is hidden away in the woods at the back of Hale Park in memory of William Hitchmough, a former Mayor of Hale.  Hitchmough was and still is a Speke and Hale family name.





P1010023.JPG (198508 bytes)      Sam 27.11.04 020.jpg (95846 bytes)      P1010003.JPG (274282 bytes)     Copy of Lighthouse sunset 17.11.jpg (147889 bytes)


Hale Lighthouse, the scene of many barbeques and Church Socials!




100_0989.JPG (515858 bytes)      100_1001.JPG (447580 bytes)   IMG_1601.JPG (1600298 bytes)   IMG_1603.JPG (1522562 bytes)


IMG_1604.JPG (2131178 bytes)   IMG_1605.JPG (2271824 bytes)   IMG_1607.JPG (2333594 bytes)   IMG_1609.JPG (1288642 bytes)


Allerton Towers is a lovely park, quiet, well kept and includes a beautiful Forsythia bower. It is hidden away on Woolton Road and although it never seems to get busy, there is always someone there walking around, enjoying the peacefulness of the place.




100_1024.JPG (415018 bytes)      100_1027.JPG (318483 bytes)      100_1029.JPG (293332 bytes)      100_1031.JPG (284144 bytes)


Sefton Park lake was drained last year and vital maintenance took place before it was refilled.  It is an extremely popular park despite the fact that the boat shed has gone!  The Palm House is used for many concerts and exhibitions and nowadays, weddings!




IMG_1574.JPG (1418123 bytes)    IMG_1573.JPG (1691084 bytes)   IMG_1575.JPG (2056798 bytes)   IMG_1577.JPG (1632017 bytes)   IMG_1579.JPG (1425533 bytes)


DSC07357.JPG (340473 bytes)   DSC07360.JPG (223579 bytes)


Pickering's Pastures is another favourite walk and is tucked away in Halebank on reclaimed land that had been used for the chemical industry.  It has different fields of wild flowers for each season of the year and as you will see, there is a hide at one end for watching the many species of birds that shelter here in the winter. It is possible to walk from Pickerings to Runcorn Bridge as the Millennium foot bridge now spans the estuary that previously blocked the way.  Prepare for a good climb on the other side though!



Copy of 100_0713.JPG (332083 bytes)      Copy of 100_0716.JPG (291260 bytes)      Copy of 100_0721.JPG (340846 bytes)


If you carry on yur walk under Runcorn Bridge you will come to Spike Island, a lovely place to walk the dogs and look out across the Mersey. the canal is home to many small boats and many water fowl so take bread with you to feed them!




Runcorn Bridge.jpg (83283 bytes)      Copy of 100_0673.JPG (321917 bytes)      Copy of 100_0674.JPG (259318 bytes)      Copy of DSC07372.JPG (385108 bytes)


Opposite Spike Island is Runcorn Promenade!  New houses and apartments have been built alongside the Manchester Ship Canal which you can cross on the other side of the bridge and visit Wigg Island. This aerial photo was taken by my sister in law, Jenny from her plane as she flew into LJLA.




IMG_1536.JPG (1183836 bytes)   IMG_1530.JPG (1404508 bytes)   IMG_1534.JPG (1295396 bytes)   IMG_1535.JPG (1326223 bytes)   IMG_1531.JPG (1528118 bytes)


A little bit further into Runcorn is Halton Castle, a ruin now but the pub built into the side makes it a popular visiting place! It wasn't a nice day when we went but the view was amazing!





Back into Liverpool now and if you haven't been back for a while, prepare to be amazed!




Alan w Lennon.jpg (77016 bytes)      Copy of Cavern Alan 2.jpg (30785 bytes)      Copy of Cavern inside 1.jpg (63388 bytes)   Copy of P8250006.jpg (607612 bytes)   


Copy of I~000027.jpg (209989 bytes)   Copy of P8250009.jpg (667668 bytes)   Copy of P8250010.jpg (659163 bytes)   Copy of P8250017.jpg (609641 bytes)


The Cavern shown here is not the original but a very close copy built opposite in Matthew Street.   Every year in the City Centre, the Council hosts a free music festival indoor and outdoor where groups from all over the world perform.  A lot of tribute bands play here so we get to see 'Madonna', 'Robbie Williams', Status Quo', 'The Rolling Stones', 'The Corrs', 'Oasis' amongst many others and, of course, millions of sets of Beatles some of whom cannot speak English!




Copy of I~000034.jpg (186197 bytes)    Copy of IMG_0356.JPG (385857 bytes)    I~000005.jpg (194391 bytes)



100_1034.JPG (238438 bytes)      100_1037.JPG (254037 bytes)      100_1042.JPG (289812 bytes)   100_1036.JPG (236133 bytes)



100_1043.JPG (312767 bytes)   100_1033.JPG (278969 bytes)


Liverpool's new concert and sports centre, the Echo Arena is built alongside Albert Dock on one side and the marina on the other.




100_0861.JPG (254239 bytes)      100_0858.JPG (291797 bytes)         100_0856.JPG (200944 bytes)    100_0862.JPG (219171 bytes)


The Pier Head was recent given a new lease of life with a new shop, cafe and ferry terminal and a canal!  The canal links Albert Dock to the Leeds Liverpool canal and runs in front of the Three Graces.




100_0958.JPG (152108 bytes)   100_0962.JPG (273874 bytes)     100_0966.JPG (147802 bytes)    100_0968.JPG (148175 bytes) 


Following the canal to the other side of the Pier Head a business and hotel park has been built and a road runs alongside the river called Prince's Dock Development.




      100_0868.JPG (223119 bytes)      100_0902.JPG (243735 bytes)     100_0904.JPG (241799 bytes)   100_0905.JPG (281525 bytes)



Hope you've enjoy the quick trip around your old home town!



January 2010


We've had 10 days of snow cover here this month so Alan and I took the opportunity to take some photos! When snow is forecast in the North West, Liverpool is the last to get it... and when Liverpool has the forecast, Speke is the last to get it so when it arrives, we make the most of it!  The snow had only been falling for about an hour or two when we went out and it carried on for a few more after these were taken.  Beautiful!


 NorthLodgeSnow.jpg (120509 bytes)  HallLakeIce.jpg (162066 bytes)    HallLakeDogs.jpg (127093 bytes)       SpekeHallBackSnow.jpg (89816 bytes)


SpekeHallSideSnow.jpg (95920 bytes)    SpekeHallSnow.jpg (114159 bytes)    Speke Hall tree sm.JPG (90030 bytes)    SpekeHallSignSnow.jpg (90066 bytes)