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Photographs -  16th Allerton Cub Scouts


These photographs are not of the best quality or in date order but I have tried to group them and I think they're worth sharing.  If you click on a photograph, you can see an bigger version but it will probably take some time to download.  If you can fill in any of the missing information or dates, please let me know through the Guestbook.  

1  Cubs1942.gif (245810 bytes)        2  Scouts1942.gif (254175 bytes)   3   ScoutsOwn.gif (251741 bytes)        

1 - Cub Scouts in May 1942. Can you spot the Wolf's Head being held on the left side?  It has ribbons attached with the boys names, and is on display at our Exhibitions.


2 - Scouts May 1942


3 - Scouts Own Parade

4  MrsSutton.gif (61147 bytes)  5    CubsonFerry50s.gif (215344 bytes)     6    Titchen.jpg (190789 bytes)

4 - Cubs Outing - Looks like West Kirkby baths to me - Open Air and freezing! Anybody got a better idea?

5 - Cubs Outing on the Mersey Ferry Approx 1950

6 - Just found this one - I think it's Ronnie Titchen, good friend of my brother Barry.

   7  CUBS.jpg (78059 bytes)    8   Llangollen1961.GIF (160346 bytes) 


7 - Cubs outside All Saints Church Hall late 50's early 60's

8 - Llangollen 1961

9  MattsSalute.gif (191836 bytes)      10    ScoutsOglet1960.GIF (208568 bytes)    11  DavidBugle.jpg (67508 bytes)


9 - Matt Moneypenny taking the Salute at a Scouts Own Parade

10 - Scouts at Oglet 1960

11 - David Moneypenny at a Scouts Own Parade

12   MattBugle.jpg (73043 bytes)   13      14  ParadeField.jpg (65316 bytes)

12 -  Matt Moneypenny playing bugle at camp - you can see how much it was appreciated by the Cub in the bottom right corner!

13 - Matt collects his Woodbadge at Bispham Hall, Billinge in June 1969

14 - Church Parade Day

15        16   Camp1.jpg (67144 bytes)     17  Camp2.jpg (69485 bytes)      

15 - Scouts Own in Allerton

16 - This is an earlier camp that Ivy Norris had photographs for. I think I can see Yozzer Hughes serving dinners here!  

17 - Billy Cooke with Doris Norgrove.  Billy used to lodge with Mrs Sutton in All Saints Road and was attached to St Christopher's troop, but helped out at All Saints too.


      18     Camp3.jpg (76408 bytes)   19        20  EnrolmentOutside.GIF (147548 bytes)   21   EnrolmentInside.GIF (101383 bytes)

18 - Jim and Lil Hartley and Ivy Norris

19 - David Norris - you shouldn't have left these photos with your Mum if you didn't want them on the World Wide Web...!

20 & 21   This is the Enrolment Card of Edward (Ted)  Chapman who sent me this from Canada, along with some of the photos here.

22    PattisonColin9153.jpg (81746 bytes)    23    AlfBrownrigg1953.jpg (107887 bytes)    24    ColinAlf9153.jpg (106447 bytes)    25    PattisonGroup1953.jpg (101963 bytes)


22 - Colin Pattison at Cub Scout camp in 1953.  Colin kindly sent me the following 5 photographs as well which he reckons were taken on a box brownie!.

23 - Alf Brownrigg

24 - Colin and Alf at kit inspection

25 - First on left is Norman lees, third left is David Smith, followed by Alf Brownrigg

26    PattisonPegOut9153.jpg (127225 bytes)    27    PattisonCamp1953.jpg (101491 bytes)    28    Dadsinvoice2.jpg (624416 bytes)    29    Dadsinvoice68.jpg (1218179 bytes)

26 - Apparently this is called Peg Out when first time campers were pegged out on the floor and had shoe polish smeared all over their faces!  Oh the joys of Scout Camp!

27 - Outdoor bathing at Scout Camp 1953!

28 - My Dad's notes on the cost of taking the pack on a weekend camp at Glazebury in August 1968.

29 - These notes were for a week's camp at Biggleswade near Bedford in 1968 when fish and chips for the whole troop cost 1.00!

30    P1010008.JPG (61973 bytes)    31    P1010009.JPG (57284 bytes)    32    ScoutGuideWindow.JPG (56186 bytes)    33    JohnTawdVale1962.jpg (216453 bytes)

30 & 31 - Two photos of the Queen's Scout Award's board, one without a flash to show the Scout's Badge and one with to show the names a bit better.

32 - The Scouts & Guide window in All Saints

33 - Thanks to John Varney for this photo of him at Tawd Vale.


There's more to follow so please check back.