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Photographs - 16th Allerton Cub Scouts 2


These photographs are not of the best quality or in date order but I have tried to group them and I think they're worth sharing.  If you click on a photograph, you can see an bigger version..  If you can fill in any of the missing information or dates, please let me know through the Guestbook.  

1     70sCamp7.jpg (76502 bytes)     2   70sCamp2.jpg (73208 bytes)  3     70sCamp3.jpg (72663 bytes)      4 70sCamp10.jpg (75591 bytes)

1 - I think this Cub Scout camp was possibly at Garstang in the early 70's. 


2 - Dave and Linda McKie in the 'kitchen'


3 - Ken Boardman, Russell and Gary Spargo (sorry if I've got you two in the wrong order!) and Ian Rive

4 - Mike McKie shows how to wash a reluctant cub...

5    70sCamp5.jpg (70567 bytes)     6     70sCamp6.jpg (71463 bytes)  7    70sCamp12.jpg (62877 bytes)    8   70sCamp13.jpg (69199 bytes) 


5 - Ian Rive receives his dinner from Arthur the cook, Mike McKie and Paul McDonough

6 - Now it's Anthony McClure's turn

7 - They finished off with a nice cup of tea 

8 - Always keen to perform for the camera

7   70sCamp1.jpg (77668 bytes)     8     70sCamp9.jpg (74585 bytes)       9    70sCamp11.jpg (63424 bytes)    10  70sCamp4.jpg (74872 bytes)      

7 - Families where invited to visit midweek - I'm sitting on the left with my Mum, Angela Boardman, Auntie Evie (Rive) and Tommy Boardman 

8 - But hospitality for the visitors amounted to one milk crate to sit on....

9 - There were complaints so Ivy chased us off with threats of 'Go home and don't come back or else...' and brought out the Bouncer (Arthur) 

10 - So we all went home and left them to wash up.... in buckets... in the middle of the field.

11    Camp5.jpg (73145 bytes)    12         

11 - Ivy and Harry Norris - don't you just smile when you think of Harry?


13    ScoutsOwn.jpg (79864 bytes)    14    80sCamp1.jpg (66309 bytes)    15    80sCamp3.jpg (74597 bytes)    

13 - Scouts Own at Mossley Hill with Pat Fagan and Matt Moneypenny in the 70's

14 - These are taken at a Cub Scout camp in the 80's, with thanks to Ivy Norris

15 - Cub Scout camp


16    80sCamp4.jpg (64590 bytes)    17    80sCamp5.jpg (67498 bytes)    18    80sCamp6.jpg (78582 bytes)    

16 - Arthur the Cook

17 - I can only recognise Linda Marshall on this one looking over her shoulder at us

18 - Arthur and Ivy

19    80sCamp7.jpg (65354 bytes)    20    80sCamp8.jpg (72045 bytes)    21    80sCamp9.jpg (67885 bytes)    

19 - Linda, helper and cubs

20 - Jim Hartley, Ivy, Arthur, Harry

21 - Arthur the Cook - he used to bring along gorgeous cakes...mmm...

22    80sCamp2.jpg (73695 bytes)    

22 - Cub Scout Camp


There's more to follow soon so please check back.