People of All Saints

1 - Newspaper cutting of All Saints Badminton Club - with thanks to Joe Guy (Junior!)

2 - Joe Guy, Verger of All Saints

3 - Joe Guy - Tony Williams tells me these young ladies are Linda Rose and Ann McLean, bridesmaids at his wedding to Pam Rose on 15th June 1963.

4 - Joe Guy

5 -  Group photo of Rev John Alleyne (Rector),  Joe Guy, Rev Derek Clawson and Jimmy Reid on the front row and Norman Lea,  Andy Gibson, Henry Littler (see below for more info) with Reg Gorton and John Goodale

6 - This must have been a Church ‘do’ as there are a lot of familiar faces on this one including my own as a Girl Guide which makes it the early 70’s! Taken in All Saints Church Hall

7 - Jimmy Reid and Joe Guy looking after the Garden of Remembrance

8 - I haven’t got a clue who these people are but it’s possibly a Youth Club outing.

9 - All Saints Football Team - with thanks to Joe Guy and Peter Crompton (Goalie was Peter's brother Bobby). Also in this photo is George Bayley of School Way who married Joan McDonough, Paul's sister. They emigrated to California but sadly, George died about 12 years ago.

My thanks to Les Lunt who has given me all the names of the football team: "The photo is taken in 1947. My brother Alan, (Alan Lunt who was a pal of Len Rossiter... both went to Liverpool Collegiate) is on the extreme right of the photo."  The names are:


"The only name my brother isn't too clear about is RONNIE WYKE or is it Wickie?"

10 - This is Miss Adelaide Watt who had All Saints Church built for her 21st Birthday whilst living at Speke Hall. (See below for more)

11 - Matt Moneypenny, my Dad and Churchwarden of All Saints

12 - The Good Old Days, a show produced and performed in St Aidan's Church Hall by members of both congregations and community to raise money for All Saints Roof Fund

(10) Miss Watt was the last land owner to live at Speke before it was sold off for housing. I was fortunately and very kindly given this picture by Speke Hall. It is taken from a book of Congratulatory messages from all her estate workers and their families for her birthday and is seldom seen as the book is now becoming fragile.

13 - Thank you to Tom Whatmore for this photo of All Saints Choir in 1932 - with names!

14 - PCC of 1916: 

There is a note on the back of this photograph -'Richard Leadbetter top row is Aunt Maggie's son, two sisters married two brothers. Aunt Maggie must have been a Leadbetter so I am making the assumption that these names were written by a Leadbetter too. (See more details below)

15 - This photo was taken around 1960 and show the Curate, Russell Twyford, the Verger Joe Guy, and sidesmen Reg Gorton and Jimmy Reid

(14) PCC 1916: 

From left, back row - Billy Wyke, possibly another Wyke, ???, ???, Richard Leadbetter, George Wyke 

Third row back - ???, Mrs Quint, Evelyn Leadbetter (wife of Richard), Ada Swift (later wife of Rev Paterson), Ada Swift's sister

Second row - Mr Quint, ???, Rev Paterson, Mr Lea, Mr Leadbetter Senior
Front row - Jim Latham, Richard Leadbetter Junior, Mr Smith (School Master) Sam Taylor

16 - This next photo is dated approximately 1964 and again shows Jimmy Reid and Reg Gorton, with the Curate Frank Parkinson and Joe Guy. The man in the middle is Ted Pickett, a former Church Warden, and was still a regular at All Saints until he sadly passed away in October 2001. He is missed by all who knew him.

17- This photograph shows Norman Lea, Rev Derek Clawson, Jimmy Reid and Joe Guy on the front row. Back row shows Andy Gibson, Henry Littler with Reg Gorton and John Goodale. (See below for more)

18- All Saints Sunday School outing to Helsby in 1954 - boys and 1 girl!

(17) It was lovely to hear from Tim Littler from Lisburn, Northern Ireland in 2006 who spotted his grandfather, Henry Littler MBE second from the left on the back row, behind Rev Clawson. Henry received his MBE in the 1960's and is also on the Photographs page 3 in photos 5 and 6. Henry lived in Speke until he died in the early 1980's.

19 - All Saints Sunday School outing to Helsby in 1954 - girls and 1 boy!

20 - Church outing? Or as it is all ladies, possibly the Mother's Union or the Townswomen's Guild. (See below for more details) 

21 - L to R - Evelyn Rive, (Auntie Evie to me), Mrs Barbara Crewe, Enid Moneypenny (Mum), Mrs Worthington probably out with the Mother's Union

(20) Top Row L to R - ?, ?, Doreen Rive, Evelyn Rive, Mercy Smith, Mrs Roberts, Doctor's wife, ?, ?, Mrs Roberts, ?, Mrs Frazer

Middle Row L to R - ???, ???, Mrs Green, Queenie, Mrs Fryer, Mrs Pocop, (spelling?) Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Webster, ???

Front Row L to R - Mrs Greenhalgh, Amy Pickett, Mrs Williams, Coach Driver, Mrs Davies, Sister of Mrs Mayman, next, and Sue Smith

22 - Mother's Union trip to Llandudno, 14th June 1960. L to R - Mrs Lanigan, Mrs Brothers, Enid Moneypenny, Mrs Worthington, Nell Bennett, Evelyn Rive, Mrs Crewe

23 - Mother's Union trip to Llandudno, 14th June 1960. L to R - ???, Mrs Lanigan, Mrs Brothers, Enid Moneypenny, Mrs Worthington, Nell Bennett, Mrs Walmsley, Evelyn Rive

24 - This is a photo of the joint Sunday School which took place at St Aidan's once a month. I'm on this one with my cousin, Ian Rive. The Minister is Rev Malcolm Beale.

25 - Photo from the Speke Messenger for June 1945, this is the Church Council of that time. Standing up: Messrs Fazakerley, Buckley, Edwards; Mesdames Sutton and Fraser, Messrs Cartwright, Searle and Healey.  Sitting down: Mesdames Hughes, Freeman and Gould; Mr Brew the Vicar, Mr Critchley, Mesdames Blease, Prescott and Timms

Photo missing

26 - Another Photo from the Speke Messenger for June 1945. Here is the Central Committee but I don’t know what of!

Standing up: Messrs Jones, Edwards, Bradshaw, Chester, Critchley, Hunter, Riding and Rylands

Sitting down: Messrs Staniforth, Dods, Brew, Buckley, Staton (Secretary), Groves (Chairman), Councillor Williams, Fisher, Rhodes, Fraser and Holding.

27 - Choir at All Saints

29 - Choir at All Saints

30 - Another choir at All Saints

31 - Another committee of men only and Colin Pattison pointed out that Joe Guy is on the far right hand side. Seems we have a lot of photos of Joe!

32 - James Peacop, a local farmer and former churchwarden