Weddings 1960's

Harold J Jones & Maureen Bull 

14th January 1961
Maureen and Harry were the first people to contact me with their wedding photo when the project was launched

Barbara Bell and Edward Walsh

12th March 1960

Sylvia and Tommy Green

21st January 1961

Mavis Campbell & Norman Smith 

3rd June 1961 

(Notice the grill in the main door behind Mavis and Norman - I've never seen this before)

Marjorie Eunice Roberts and Brian Reynolds

7th October 1961
Married by Rev Graeme Spiers

Gloria Smith and William Leigh

Married by Rev Malcolm Beale

Joan Williams and George McKenna


Annette Wall and David Roberts

1st September 1962

Dorothy Catteral and Colin Pattison

April 1963

Pam Currie and John Varney

28th March 1964

Pauline Wood and Brian Westerside

19th September 1964

Ann Sloane and Peter Darnell


Wendy Hale and Charles

5th March 1966

Lorraine Currey and Colin Moss

23rd September 1967

Janet Hale and David Paul

3rd August 1968

Joy and John Vinue

1st March 1969

Margaret Riley and Stephen Daly

24th May 1969

Carol James & John Johnson 


Val & Mike Henwood 

24th February 1962           Married by Rev Charlie Walker

Edna Paulson & Ken Cahill

8th June 1963                  Married by Rev Russell Twyford

Irene & Harold Hepburn 

July 1960

Kay and Foley

2th March 1960

Alicia Elaine Josse & Brian Michael Smith

4th January 1969             Married by Rev Trevor Mains

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