I think this Cub Scout camp was possibly at Garstang in the early 1970's. Dad, Matt was Akela

Ken Boardman, Russell and Gary Spargo (sorry if I've got you two in the wrong order!) and Ian Rive

Ian Rive receives his dinner from Arthur the cook and Paul McDonough

Now it's Anthony McClure's turn

They finished off with a nice cup of tea

Cubs always keen to perform for the camera

Families were invited to visit midweek - I'm there with my Mum, Angela Boardman, Auntie Evie (Rive) and Tommy Boardman amongst others

But hospitality for the visitors amounted to one milk crate to sit on....

There were complaints so Ivy chased us off with threats of 'Go home and don't come back or else...' and brought out the Bouncer (Arthur)

So we all went home and left them to wash up.... in buckets... in the middle of the field

Scouts Own at Mossley Hill with Pat Fagan and Matt Moneypenny in the 70's

Ivy and Harry Norris - don't you just smile when you think of Harry?

These are taken at a Cub Scout camp in the 1980's, with thanks to Ivy Norris

Arthur's still the Cook

I can only recognise Linda Marshall on this one looking over her shoulder at us

Linda, helper and cubs

Jim Hartley, Ivy Norris, Arthur, Harry Norris

Arthur having a well earned rest. He used to make the most  gorgeous cakes...mmm...

Two photos of the Queen's Scout Award's board, one without a flash to show the Scout's Badge and one with to show the names a bit better

The Scouts & Guide window in All Saints