Weddings 1950's

Edna Williams and Leslie Knuppell

July 1950

Mary Dean and Terence Atherton

8th July 1950

Joan Prescott and John Eaton

24th March 1951

Margaret Hill and Charles Houghton

September 1952

Dorothy Crompton and Kenneth Owen

22nd November 1952

Maureen Roberts and Leslie Crawford

March 1954

Elsie Wright and William Gaulton

20th March 1954

Nelda Mae Lynch and Ronald Eric Howarth

3rd April 1954

Edith McArdle and Arthur Faulkner

2nd October 1954

Dorreen Henthorn and Donald MacGregor

5th June 1954

Sheila Mary Wall and Edwin Thomas Croft

2nd July 1955

Gwen Williams and Leslie Phillips


Jean Norman and Maurice Lambeth

28th January 1956

Brenda Campbell and Bert Dugdale

20th July 1957

Gwyneth Mowan Latham and Donald John Iles

1st March 1958

Vera Joan Lea and John Francis Boyle

14th October 1958

Brenda Lilian Makin and James Jones

5th September 1959

Marian and John Adams

6th June 1959

Phil and Pat Lonsdale


Mavis Rodgers and Ron Thompson


Doreen I'Anson & Norman Butler


Doris Johnson & John Dobie

October 1950

Dobie and Gregson


Beryl I'Anson & Arthur Lavington


Mavis L'Anson & Norman Stonehouse


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