Weddings 1970's

Marjorie Veronica Pye and Ronald Hudson

1st August 1970

Irene and David Dixon

29th August 1970 Married by Rev Derek Clawson

Patricia Nestor and John Packer

4th April 1971

Brenda Edith Magee and Norman Armstrong

5th June 1971

Susan Collins and Alan Johnstone

4th September 1971

Barbara James and Steven Grace

2nd October 1971Married by Rev John Alleyne

Jean Barnett and Paul James Southern

23rd October 1971

Anita and Michael Kent

11th December 1971

Linda Beaney and Barry Ringrose


Ann Cummings and Philip Millington

27th July 1974

Jennifer Jackson and Barry Moneypenny

5th October 1974 Married by Rev Bruce Leng

Brenda Jean Watson and Colin Roy Edwards

4th October 1975

Dorothy Jones and Steven Hollingworth

3rd January 1976

Ann Elizabeth Nelson and Peter Philip Carvell

12th June 1976

Christine Isabel Nelson and Ian Foxley

2nd October 1976 

Davina Jones and Paul Marshall

23rd October 1976

Angela and Steven Jones

14th July 1979

Jean & David Willis 


Peter O'Flaherty


Ann Wilkinson & John Humphries

21st March 1970Married by Rev Trevor Maines

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