313th Brownie Guides

Joan Broley in her Brownie uniform, taken in her living room in a prefab in Dymchurch Road. Joan contributed a lot of photos to this website which are much appreciated

Brownie Pack in the grounds of All Saints Church Hall

313th Girl Guides and Brownies taken in the Guide Hut at the back of the Church Hall and next to the Autumn Club. Received with thanks from Joyce Worthington. Anyone recognize the faces? Our Viv tells me the Guide on the top row, 2nd right is possibly Mavis Morgan

Sea Rangers - if you have a clearer version of this, please let me know. Behind on the wall is one of the Queen's Guides lists that now live in All Saints Church

Programme and report of a pantomime by the Girl Guides, Robin Hood. Photos to follow

Recognise any of these names from the Girl Guide pantomime?

The cast of Robin Hood

Robin Hood and his/her band of Merry... er... WoMen!

I'd love to put some names to these faces if anyone can help

Hannah Watson kindly donated  these three photographs of the Brownies and Guides in the grounds of All Saints Church Hall. Unfortunately I don't have many names. The leader on the left is Hannah and Miss Edis is sitting in the front, middle seat.

I don't know the first person here but the second is Miss Edis, next is Pat Flood (she scared me when she was my Brown Owl.... and in later years as an adult in the congregation!) and Hannah Watson. They're in the Church Hall grounds and I'm sure that's the Scout Hut behind them

This is again taken in the Church Hall grounds and behind them is where the Vicarage was built (now a private home). Pat Flood and Hannah are the leaders on this one. If you spot yourself, or recognise any of the others, please let me know.

Thanks to Karen Edwards for this photo of Linda Brooks, Hazel Crawley, Karen (nee Bennett) receiving their Queens Guide Awards in 1966

A list of the Queen's Guides from 1963 to 1968

Queen's Guides from 1948 to 1963