School Days in Speke

My school days were not the happiest times of my life but looking at these photos, a lot of you enjoyed those days!  The only ones I enjoyed in Stocktonwood were when I returned as a helper in the nursery.  Now they were happy days! Here are photos I've been given to share with you all, not in date order but as they arrived.

Stocktonwood Infants

No details left for this one so if you can help, please get in touch

Stocktonwood Infants

Class 7 in 1953

Stocktonwood Infants

Many thanks to Sheila Emanu nee MacDonald who sent me these two class photographs (and indexes) from her time at Stocktonwood. 1955 - Index next

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Stocktonwood Junior Girls


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Stocktonwood Infants

My local history friend and much missed Ian Mowat gave me the following two photos. As you can see, Ian remembered quite a lot of you.  

Back row - Bobby Youds, Frank Ashcroft, Ingrid Hitchmough, Elaine Forster, Pat Nestor, Pauline Ely, Tommy Farnon, Philip Thompson, Steven Chewar

3rd row - Joyce Humphreys, Carol haig, Jim Webb, Phillip Tomlinson, Graham Morrisey, John O'Flaherty, ? Diane...

2nd row - David Stanford, ?  June Bowcock,  ?  ?  Marjorie Riding, Jean Richardson, Neil Pauls

Front row - David Williams, Robert Knox, Alan Nash, David Wall, Alan West, Ian Mowat, Billy Young

Stocktonwood Infants

Back row - John O'Flaherty, David Hulme, John Lowney, Paul Shaylor, David Mills, Graham Morrisey, Tom Farnon, N Pauls, Steven Chewar, Bobby Youds, David Wall

3rd row - Collin Dean, Pauline Ely,   ?   Pat Nester, Diane ...., Elaine Forster, ?  John Rainford, Miss Hatton

2nd row - ?   Jean Richardson,  ?  Marjorie Riding, Dot Idale,  ?  Denise Kaye,  ?   Ingrid Hitchmough

Front row -   ?  Billy Young, Ian Mowat, Robert Knox, Ken Lowey

The teacher on this picture is Miss Hatton.

Out with the Old...

The original Stocktonwood School was knocked down in 2005. Thank you to Ken Savage who sent me this photo showing both sites in one go.

Rising from the ashes...

'New' Stocktonwood School

Stocktonwood Junior Girls


St Ambrose Infants

This is the only one I've got of St Ambrose and it's from 1964

Stocktonwood Infants

Thanks to Jennifer Spann for these three photographs. This is a class from 1957.

On the back row 2nd in is Ian ??? and 9th in is Frank Tyrer.

Row 2 - 4th from left is Robert ???

Row 3 - Unknown, Suzanne Kane, Susan ???, Unknow, Unknown, Jennifer Jacques, Unknown Unknown, Barbara, Unknown, Lynne Darling and two more unknowns.

Row 4 - Unknown, Brenda, Carol, Unknown, Jean Rattle, Unknown and Pauline Evans.

Stocktonwood Infants 1955

Pauline Evans and Jennifer Jacques are presenting the tea service to retiring Headteacher Miss Thomas. Some of the other teachers are Miss Dickinson, Miss Hunter and Miss Jones. 

Thanks to Jennifer Spann for giving us the extra information on these two photos. 

Stocktonwood Junior Girls

Class 1A in 1956 with Mrs Cowell. Jennifer Spann has provided the following names. Can you fill in any gaps?

Row 1 - Margaret ???, Unknown, Suzanne Kane, Unknown, Judith ???, Unknown, Gillian Staniford, Jennifer Jacques, Joyce Todd

Row 2 - 1st three are Sally Crompton, Margaret ???, Linda ???

Row 3 - 5th person from left is Susan ???

Row 4 - 2nd from left is Pauline ??? and last two are Jean Rattle and Hilary Siddell

Row 5 - 2nd in is Carol ??? who was the eldest in the class. Next is unknown then Brenda Mahr, Linda ???, and unknown and Penelope Jones

Stocktonwood Junior Girls

Class 28

Stocktonwood Junior Girls

18 - Stocktonwood Junior Girls 1958. Thanks to Ann Humphries nee Wilkinson for this photo. Ann is sitting behind the girl with the glasses in the front row. Other names she remembers are Joyce Caulfield, Carol Jones, sisters Maureen and Jean Jones, Carol Foster, Elizabeth Todd, Irene Wynn, Ann Stewart, Maureen Myers and Irene Fletcher. 

Stapleton Avenue 1

These 5 photos were a complete panoramic picture taken of Stapleton Ave Community School in 1958 or 1960. I have scanned them from photocopies so the quality is not good so I have left them really big in the hope it makes them easier to look at

Stapleton Avenue 2

Stapleton Avenue 3

Stapleton Avenue 4

Stapleton Avenue 5

So many boys, all from Speke.  Where are you all now I wonder?

Stocktonwood Junior Boys Cricket Team

My thanks to John Humphries for providing us with this photograph of Stocktonwood Road Junior Cricket Team in 1959 and all of the names. 

Back row: Mr Barratt, Mr Webb, Mr Carr

Middle row: David Brimage, Dennis Ross, Billy Woolfall, Tommy Edwards, Robin Poole, Peter Brown

Front row: John Payne, John McGuffie, John Humphries, Dennis Fisher, Stan McGuffie, Peter Grimes

Stocktonwood Infants

Stocktonwood 1958. Thanks to Rob Dobie. 2nd row from top, 6th boy from left is Rev Robinson's son, curate of All Saints and living in 72 Bray Road at the time

Stocktonwood Infants

My sincere thanks to Joan Broley for this and the following 3  photos

Stocktonwood Junior Girls

Miss Turner's Class of Stocktonwood Juniors 1956/57

Speke Comprehensive

Mrs O'Malley's class in Central Avenue school in 1962 

Speke Secondary Modern for Girls

I'm not sure if this is Stapleton or Central. Any ideas?Mrs Hunter's class in Speke Secondary Modern for Girls 1962

Stocktonwood Infants

I think these are off Peter Crompton but if you sent these to me, or you know any names, please let me know

Stocktonwood Infants

Class 2

Stocktonwood Junior Boys

Football team

Stocktonwood Junior Boys

Class 3 1946

Speke Comp  Central 1 of 7

Here is another set of photos taken on panoramic view in Speke Comp. My thanks to Peter Crompton in Canada for sharing this wonderful photograph with us. I hope some of you find yourselves on there!

Speke Comp Central 2/7

Speke Comp Central 3/7

Speke Comp Central 4/7

They've let the girls get in on this set!

Speke Comp Central 5/7

Speke Comp Central 6/7

Speke Comp Central 7/7

Stapleton School

Thanks to Ian Mowat for this photo of Stapleton School Football Team from 1964/65

Back Row: Mr Target, Bobby Coleman, Richie Sheridan, John Kearney, Chris Deakin, Ian Mowat, Mr Bell

Middle Row: Billy Young, John Morgan, the Headmaster Mr Harry Neal, Dave Ellis, Dougie Freeman

Front Row: Joey Maylor, ??? Roy Smith


Thanks to Malcolm Guy who sent these two photographs in by email. The first show the Under 11's football team at Stocktonwood in 1985 many of whom became part of the Allan Oakes Sunday team

Stocktonwood Infants

Malcolm's daughter is second from the right in this class photo from Stocktonwood School. 

Speke Comp Gone

Speke Comp was knocked down on the promise that a new school would be built and the old site would become a new park to replace the one in the centre of Speke that the council sold to Morrisons.  

Speke Comp Gone

The new school did appear but has been closed for some years. It is used for a small number of pupils now. The park never appeared and the grounds were left untouched for many years until the council sold it off for more housing, along with most of Speke's open spaces. Only Stapleton Avenue school was replaced with a very basic park.

Stocktonwood Infants

Class 1 of Stocktonwood Infants 1952/53

Speke Secondary

(Stapleton?) Class 55, 1962.Thanks to Joan Broley