To many of us Oglet and the fields, woods and shore were places we played as children. Some of us still go here today.  A few of us are fighting the airport plans to flatten the lot.  Here are some photos, past and present of the last little piece of countryside left in Speke.  If you are interested in joining the campaign to save it, please visit this page where you will find various ways to help:  Home | Save Oglet Shore & Greenbelt (speke8.wixsite.com)

Oglet Past


Map of farms

Dungeon and Oglet

My thanks to Joan Southern for these family photos taken on the shore. Joan has copyright over these

This was taken near Hale Lighthouse but whales have been seen at Oglet in more recent times, and seals and porpoise are frequent visits even today

McCartney Brothers?

These two little boys in the middle are thought to be Mike and Paul McCartney at Dungeon.  Mike was asked if it was and couldn't say it wasn't so that's good enough for me!

Paul McCartney and George Harrison both lived in Speke as youngsters and here they are with friends on the shore

Not a very good photo of this newspaper report, but it's obvious where it is

Dungeon was a shipbreaking yard for a while before it became the salt works.  This is the Magellan, brought here to be broken up

In 2019, the disappearing mud exposed this woodwork held together with wooden pegs rather than metal nails. It's gradually broken up and washed away but you have to wonder... was it the Magellan..?