313th Brownie Guides

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Brownie Hilary Kennils receiving an award from Guide Captain Dorothy Haslem

I should know what Hilary's doing here but I can't remember!

Vicar of All Saints Bruce Leng with Guide Captain Dorothy Haslem in the 70's

Dorothy took us away to camp in Wales in a large group from other districts all over Liverpool. We all got food poisoning from sausages left in another captain's car for a weekend during a hot spell...
Elizabeth Bradbury, Lynne Moneypenny, Sharon Firman, Mrs Lovatt, Anita Bradbury

Each pack was divided up into 6's and each group had it's own tent. Apart from a few stolen moments messing about, we also had 'chores' to do each day including cooking, washing up, and collecting firewood

We had one big tent for eating, washing up (me and Sandra Brodin), lessons and socialising in.  We also had 'chores' to do each day including cooking, washing up, and collecting firewood. I was very saddened to hear that Sandra had passed away still relatively young. We were friends from primary school to our late teens and I will remember her as a very intelligent person, bubbly, positive, outgoing and a good friend.   It was touching to see the Church full at her funeral.   

Ann Brodin and Lynne doing the washing up.  After we'd all been poisoned, the rules all went out of the window and we'd eat, clean and have fun wherever we felt like!


Shirley Haslem and Anita Bradbury with Sandra Ellis and Sharon Firman in the background

Reunion 2010

Brownie Guide & Cub Scout Reunion  

Below are photos from our Brownie Guide & Cub Scout Reunion at 12th and 13th June 2010 organised by former Girl Guide Captain Dorothy Haslem. Looking through all the memorabilia Dorothy had collected, we all had a lovely time and old friends were happily reunited! My thanks to Shirley Bentham (nee Haslem) for these wonderful photos which include some of the Church which we opened up for visitors.

Girl Guide Captain Dorothy Haslem with daughters Susan and Shirley and son Reg

Tom Whatmore with the old Brownie, Guide, Cub and Scout flags alongside the Cub Wolf head complete with Cub names on the ribbons

This tea set was bought by a previous Guide Captain for use at special events and is now kept by Dorothy along with many Guide badges, books and albums

Captain's belt and whistle, and when the whistle blew you stood absolutely still until told to do otherwise!

Matt Moneypenny's Akela uniform was kindly loaned for the day by his grandson, Peter.

Cub Akela and Girl Guide uniforms

Apart from old friends from South Liverpool we met visitors from Lowestoft, Penketh, Preston, Widnes and Pontefract! We also welcomed Ken and Edna Cahill, Fred Day, June Dolby and Joyce Salmon (both formerly Wilsher) John Goodale, Joan McBride, Phyllis Alger (nee Grogan)

Dorothy greets Hannah Watson who can be seen in some of the earliest photos we have of the Guides on here

Hannah chatting to former Scout Paul McDonough

Old mates and fellow Scouts, Reggie Haslem and Barry Moneypenny

Reg and Barry with Barry's wife Jenny, all friends from their teenage years

I'm not sure what's happening here but it looks like Dorothy and Barry were having a dance... It was that sort of day to be fair!

Jenny and Barry Moneypenny with Dorothy

Dorothy welcomes Elsie Gaulton

Sue joins her mum and Tom Whatmore

We all had a wonderful day, meeting up with old friends, recalling long forgotten memories, thanks to Dorothy who brought us all together again